State Partnership for Energy Efficiency Demonstrations (SPEED)

The main objectives of these demonstration projects are:  

1     To showcase the effectiveness of the most energy efficient device / technology through a practical demonstration

2     To furnish the SDAs with relevant documents including technical specification of the energy efficient device, techno-economic viability of the project, bidding document, monitoring protocol etc.

3     To facilitate the State Governments in replicating these demonstration projects through various Departments / Agencies

Implementation of Energy Efficient BLDC fans by Telangana SDA in office premises

These demonstration projects can be in the areas of heating ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) systems of buildings, lighting of residential complexes, street lighting, water pumping, municipality, agriculture pumpsets, smart controllers in water distribution system, intelligent data monitoring in industries and other areas which can showcase the effectiveness of energy efficient device / technology. The financial support provided for demonstration projects will include establishment of the baseline energy consumption, replacement of the existing fixtures / equipment / appliances with energy efficient ones, measurement and verification and display boards to highlight the effectiveness of the energy efficient technology. By undertaking these demonstration projects, the visibility of effectiveness of energy efficient products and appliances can be enhancing and citizens can be pursued for opting energy efficient products in the market thereby making way for market transformation.

LED Street light demo project at Sri Adi Chunchangiri Kshethra and Melukote (historical places) in district Mandya, karnataka

LED Street light demo project at Sri Adi Chunchangiri Kshethra and Melukote (historical places) in district Mandya, karnataka

Energy efficient Pumpsets in Rural Water Supply system across Andhra Pradesh

Implementation of energy efficiency activities in Government schools

The main objectives of this endeavour are as below.

  • Even though, schools being a very important institution of the country, it has been neglected in the area of energy efficiency, as of now. Therefore, the objective is to replace all existing conventional luminaries with LED fixtures and conventional fans with energy efficient fans in schools across the country, initiating with the Govt. schools.
  • Disseminating awareness amongst school children by way of establishing energy clubs, organizing debates, quiz programs, etc. thereby encouraging participation of young ambassadors in energy efficiency movement.
  • Facilitating the State Governments in replicating these practical demonstrations through various departments / agencies.

Activities carried out by Sikkim SDA in School Under SCBP programme

Glimpse of Energy Club activities in Schools of Nagaland